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Privacy and Security Policy

Ticketline SA, responsible entity for the exploration of this website, takes privacy and protection of its users registered data seriously. The ticketline website ensures its users privacy and security on the data provided for the various services available, only asking and collecting the necessary data for the service being provided, in agreement with the explicit indications on the website and user options. In case it requires, the data´s holder has the right to obtain access, rectification or elimination of the data provided.
Furthermore, we present the methods used in the treatment of such information used in the ticketline website, including the methods used to collect information, how it is used and who it is shared with. In ambit of the registry in the C.N.P.D we assume to all users of the ticketline website the following commitments:
• Proceed to the treatment of data in a loyal and legal manner, collecting only necessary and relevant information to the function its destined to;
• Allow the data holder the access and correction of information registered about themselves, sharing these in a clear language rigorously corresponding to the content of the register;
• Not use the data collected to any function incompatible to that of collection;
• Maintain the data accurate, and if necessary, updated;
• Ensure the expressed consent by the data holder every time it is required;
• Guarantee free of charge the right to eliminate the data used when required by the holder;
• Have security systems implemented which prevent the consultation, modification, destruction or addition of a person’s data without authorization and that permit to detect deviation of information, intentional or not;
•  Respect professional secrecy in relation of the dealt data;
• Not hold any interconnection of personal data, unless it has legal authorization or the authorization of the CNPD. For more information regarding, check the C.N.P.D website (www.cnpd.pt)
Ticketline website adopts all technical and organization measures to guarantee the privacy of personal information, which are entrusted to, in conformity with art. º 35 of the Portuguese Republic Constitution.

The ticketline website will not be used for the exchange of virus malware, mass mailings (spam), illegal, offensive, abusive, indecent or in any way defamatory material.  Ticketline website users should not do any fraudulent orders. It is prohibited the total or partial copy of the website, including any content or digital format belonging to the website Ticketline, without the previous written authorization of Ticketline S.A.
In situations where there is an undue utilization of the website, independent of the legal proceeding, Ticketline S.A, reserves the right, to proceed to the cancelation of the users register, removal of order as well as any other content of the user.

Ticketline, S.A cannot ensure the functioning of the website to be totally devoid of any errors or without any unavailability at all times. The website cannot guarantee that the download of files is totally danger free or with risks in association with virus malware.  Ticketline S.A. will not be responsible for any damage, independent of its nature, that occur when using the website.

Ticketnet is a registered label property of Ticketline S.A.

You can do it with all security, through our safe server, which, encrypts all information sent. The safe connection is established between your browser and our server, being done with a technology base named “secure server software” (SSL), which uses digital certificates issued by the company Verisign. It is a common technology for such functions, as it can be found to be one of the most assured technologies available at the moment for electronic commerce.
When filling the purchase form, it is enough to introduce the credit cards information and its date of expiration. This information will be resent, through a safe and private way to the company REDUNICRE or MEO WALLET, which uses Verified by Visa and Secure Code for Visa and Eurocards/mastercards respectively, on the treatment of the same information.
The authorization is returned immediately from the cards emitting bank in order to prevent fraud. With the objective to increase the process security, you will be asked for a second number, present in the back of your card, entitled CVV2.

The information collected by Ticketline S.A. (Ticketline) to its users is maintained with accordance to its Privacy policy so that we can guarantee that all personal information given to, will be treated with care, namely the information we collect, how we use it and with who its shared with.

How do we use the information?
Any information given by the user will be used in accordance with the law of Protection of personal data.
The information saved will be used to establish a connecting link with the user through the sending of institutional communications, newsletter, marketing operations in accordance with your personal interests. The user will be able to at whichever moment cancel the dispatch of these communications.

With who we share this information?
The information collected may be given to promoters and partners of shows with are marketed in the Ticketline website.

External Connections?
For courtesy towards our clients, our website contains connections to third party websites (owned by other and not Ticketline), of which to our attention, may contain suitable and useful information. The privacy policy here present does not apply to those websites. You must contact them directly to obtain information about their privacy policy, confidentiality agreements and their proceeding with the collection and distribution of data.

Why do we use cookies?
We use cookies to enhance the performance and experience when you use our services.

What are cookies?
“Cookies”, are small text files which are stored in your computer or mobile device through the internet browser.
These files contain information only related with your preference, therefore not including, your personal data. We use the term cookie in this policy to refer to all files which collect information that way. The cookies which we use only retain the information related with your preferences.
At any moment, you may through the browser be decided to be notified about the reception of cookies, as well as blocking their entry. The refusal to the use of cookies, may result in the impossibility of accessing certain functionality or to receive personalized information.

Does this website use cookies?
Yes, to improve your experience and offer a personalized service, Cookies are used to maintain information of the visitor and collect performance indicators.

Should I accept the usage of cookies?
With accordance to Lei 41/2004, of 18th of August, this website may use cookies if previous and express consent is given. This website compromises it self to use cookie storage only for the functions described. Most web browsers, permit control over cookies stored in its device, us well as the immediate removal, in case you do not wish the local storage of cookies.
It is important to warn that the use of cookies is essential towards the correct functioning of the website and the services available, your acceptance being recommended.

How do we use cookies?
Our website, as many other, saves and obtains information of your browser, though the use of cookies. This information is used to make the website function correctly. With this information, it is not possible to identify you personally, but can be used to offer a more personalized experience of the web.