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Voucher Presente Ticketline


The Gift That Deserves an Applause!
Offer a Voucher Ticket Line, a gift that is really a show!

Conditions and rules:
1.The Gift Voucher can only be bought at the Ticket Line site (www.ticketline.pt) or at the company headquarters, Av. Elias Garcia, 137, 3º, 1050-099 Lisbon, phone +351 21 794 14 00, from Monday to Friday, between 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM.
2.Can only be used to pay for shows available on Ticket Line.
3.The price is fixe, with no discounts.
4.Cannot be, total or partialy, exchanged into money, and if its value exceeds the price of the chosen ticket, there will no refund.
5.In case of loss, theft or expiration of the state period of validity, cannot be replaced.
6.Must be exchanged by the right ticket at Ticket Line headquarters.