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Sambô Concerto


Traditional samba instruments like ‘tan tan’, ‘rebolo’ or tambourine together with a rock full of swing and drumming. This is rock-samba, it's Sambô.

The Group is composed by artists from different schools and musical styles, so this mix of rhythms is inevitable. It has made its sound without labels and with respect for the diversity of Brazilian music.

Sambô is formed by Hugo Rafael on vocals and percussion, Jacques Monastier on drums, Julio Fejuca on ukulele, guitar, banjo and vocals and Zé da Paz on tambourine, vocals and ‘rebolo’.

Sambô will be for the first time in Portugal, in March 2020, as a special attraction of Samba Com Vida. Samba Com Vida is an event organized by Trepa Coqueiro, a Samba School in Estarreja, Portugal. This is an innovative event that has a strong educational component by empowering all the participants with technical skills, and by creating a networking environment that intends to provide great experiences, in a relaxed atmosphere of fun and entertainment.

Workshops, Lectures, Concerts and the ‘Samba Awards’ are the main activities of this event Sambô is one of the main attractions of this year’s edition. This amazing group, together with all the vibrant names that will come to Portugal to pass on all their knowledge to Samba enthusiasts, Fundo de Quintal will perform a great Concert on March 28th, 2020, in Estarreja.